Zumba March 19th

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Central Standard Time

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Zumba March 19th

One hour of Zumba with Mitzie for FREE!

Let’s move to rhythms from around the world choreographed to moves with a little bit of cardio, endurance, and spice!

Donations accepted:
Venmo: @mwowfitness
Cashapp: $MtzRjs
Paypal: @mwowfitness

Tips For a Better Connection

• Connect your internet cable directly to the computer.
• Close all other active browser windows.
• Set your device to ”Do not disturb.”
• Check your Internet plan. 500 MB is  recommended. Lesser speed may lead to synchronization issues.
• If it’s possible, ask other family members in house not to use the WiFi during the event.
• For a louder sound, connect a speaker ! For a better visual experience, connect your laptop to your TV!


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