It was always stated that kids need their¬†nutrients¬†because of their¬†growing bodies. ¬†However, how much nutrients or calories do kids really need in order to grow healthy? ¬†There is not one set¬†number of calories¬†that will work for¬†all kids. ¬†Kids come in all¬†different¬†sizes and shape and their bodies all¬†metabolize¬†food¬†differently. ¬†Some may be more active then others requiring them to consume more calories or some may have a medical conditions also requiring them to consume more calories. For the most part a¬†child’s¬†body does a pretty good job helping kids regulate how much calories they should eat by hunger and feeling of¬† being full.

If you’re still looking for a¬†the amount of¬†calories¬†a kid should eat, you’ll find that¬†that kids¬†eat any where between 1400-3500 calories a day depending on their gender, age and lifestyle. ¬†Boys tend to need more calories then girls.¬† And for both girls and boys once they reach¬†puberty¬†they need more calories as well. ¬†And if your kids are¬†active they will need more calories to¬†account¬†for their¬†lifestyle. ¬†According to the Dietary Reference Intakes¬†(DRIs) a good general guideline for kids is the ages 4-13 needs 1400-2000 calories a day, 14-18 needs 2000-2400 calories a day.

One thing to keep in mind: Parents should not count kids calories or encourage kids to keep track.  This informations should be used as a guideline when preparing kids meals.  Kids should not be placed on a food restriction diet without consulting their dietitian or doctor.