I love to dance to the rhythms I grew up listening to…

and I enjoy learning new ones! Cumbia, Merengue, Reggaeton, Bachata,  Quebradita, Tribal, Salsa, Dembow, and so much more.  I enjoy sharing my love for dancing to great music with others so they can engage in fitness in a different kind of way.  Just feel the music.

I’m all for a sweaty boot camp style workout but sometimes you just want to dance!

…and why not get a little sore from it and have some fitness gains because of how much of a workout you’re able to let it be.

So enjoy burning some calories and have fun while doing it.

My last class of the semester will be Today, Cinco de Mayo 2014 from 7pm-8pm at Kansas State University-Peters Rec Complex

Come sweat with me!