Workout 2: Spring Break – Full Body DB Mania

Warm-up with 5 min. cardio (treadmill, bike, elliptical, jogging in place)

Dynamic Stretching: 10 of each on each leg/arm

Walking hip openers

Toe touch

Inch worm

Arm Circles front and back


3 sets of 6-8 reps of each exercise lifting as HEAVY as possible but light enough to complete all 3 sets while maintaining proper form throughout the move (Write down your weight for each exercise!)

Sumo Squat

Have your knees point towards your toes

Calf Raise

Feet pointing forward for set 1, Set 2-out, Set 3-in


Slight bend in the knee, slight arch in the back, stick chest/butt out, lower until back starts to round and/or knees start bending beyond slight bend

DB Chest Press

Breath in on the way down and out on the way up

Core Rows

In full plank, or on knees to modify, shoulders over wrists holding on to DB row one side at time keeping elbow close to body, alternating-Keep hips squared to the floor

Upright Rows on knees

Keep elbows pointing diagonally towards the ceiling on the way up

Tricep Extension

Keep elbows pointing forward

Reverse Curls

Gripping DBs with palms facing down

Bent over Lateral Raises

Engage your back muscle and rear shoulder muscles

Frontal Raises

Keep arms straight and raise until parallel to floor

Incline bench DB Leg Raises

DB in between feet

DB Overhead Sit-Up

Keep the DB over your head from start to finish