Warm-up: 100 Jumping Jacks (modify as needed)

Dynamic Stretching: High knees-butt kicks-10 walking lunges-10 reverse walking lunges-20 arm circles front/back

Rest when needed but try and push yourself!

1 x 75 Body Squats
1 x 25 Jump Squats

2 x 15 One-Legged Squat (Right side)
2 x 15 One-Legged Squat (Left side)

3 x 100 Mountain Climbers + Forearm plank hold for 15 sec.

25 Push-ups

50 Alternating Supermans (lay on stomach raise opp arm/leg -switch)


Do this every day until 4th of July, but you can still repeat if desired that day.  OR Enjoy the day off to enjoy your FREEDOM.